JOHN HUNEYCUTT:  Wingate University Alum with a Bachelor of Fine Arts; International winner of multiple juried, fine art shows; featured in art galleries from Los Angeles to Manhattan to Venice; and the recent recipient of the prestigious fellowship grant from the North Carolina Art's Council.

A LOT John-- He's a guy who appreciates ungodly strong coffee and good cigars . . .

 He can happily fill any spare time wood-working, kayaking and big bass fishing.

 He values fine art- the process of its creation- particularly the medium of wet-plate collodion and its intersection with wild-life.

 John is a creator- be it flawless wedding-day photographs, hand-made furniture, homemade pasta, tintypes, or a happy life.




BRIDGET HUNEYCUTT:  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Alum with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Teaching

A lil' Bridget-- She's a girl who loves to run and play tennis and practice yoga.

 She fancies a serious dose of daily chocolate and hails everything Carolina (Let's Go, Tar Heels!!!).

 Bridget cherishes books, lots of good books (Faulkner, Hemingway, all the way to Bronte).


TOGETHER: John and Bridget zealously work weddings and shoots with fluidity.  They love to travel and eat great food; they enjoy live music and imported brew.  John and Bridget champion family and friends and establishing a positive legacy; they thrive on meeting new people, sharing new adventures and creating a wedding-day experience and photographs that endlessly prove, "Your day, our passion."